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DM says it's FAR too early to be growing summer flower seeds indoors...

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Erebus Tue 02-Apr-13 14:57:26

....based on the fact that by the time they're ready to go out in the garden, it still will be way too early.

I am talking nicotiana here, btw! I was telling her about a friend in E Anglia who planted them in an electric propagator about a week ago and they've justbegun to germinate onto little coir ball thingies, but my DM was horrified and said 'She'll learn'... confused.

What do you think? I've had 6 small seedling compost tray-loads warming in my conservatory ready to sow with, well, nicotiana among other things but should I hold off? IF I do, can I expect to be able to plant the seedlings outdoors once they're ready? Or would you expect to have to pot the seedlings on first, then into the ground?

My soil isn't good so that old 'finely sow direct onto well prepared, finely raked soil' thing won't work!

cantspel Tue 02-Apr-13 19:35:30

I have already started my Antirrhinum and Californian Poppy in an unheated propagator in my utility room. I hope to have them ready to go in the garden by the end of may. They will be potted on and hardened off before going in the flower beds.

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