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Raised bed advice needed!

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BluddyNora Fri 29-Mar-13 11:39:35

I'm going to build my own raised beds but what do I line them with?
We have something in our soil which has prompted the environment agency to recommend we don't eat anything grown in it so I need to make sure no roots can permeate through.
Also, what do I fill the beds with? I was going to just use compost but my dad looked at me like I was mad yet couldn't offer any alternative!

Is it worth trying to germenate some veg indoors now whilst its still freezing out? I want to grow salad- lettuce, rocket, spring onions, tomatoes and carrots, broccoli & potatoes..

Thanks smile

zumo Sat 30-Mar-13 09:34:13

I would be concerned what your house is built on!
You could line the beds with plastic sheeting the type builders use for Damp proof membraine is very thick Punch a few holes for drainage, I would put a bit of manure in the very bottom, then use soil, compost wont hold much water and lets face it most food in grown in soil not compost
Start them off inside, our local £1 shop sells mini polly tunnels that will protect the plants when you first put them out.
Like this
Or go and see a window firm and get a few of these for free

Try visiting a local allotment as they will point you in the right direction, we are doing spuds, peas and a few flowers all in the same raised bed, kids will love it too.

BluddyNora Sat 30-Mar-13 13:12:54

It's something to do with the canal at the back, but I only skim read the letter and now can't find it!

Thanks for that, will get onto some horsey people for some manure too.

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