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What to do with my windowsill seedlings?

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Leaningtoweroflisa Wed 27-Mar-13 18:42:01

This year, I am trying to raise more flowers and plants from seed and I've made a bit of a start. However I'm just about out of windowsills!

Is it too cold ATM to move the bigger seedlings out into an unheated greenhouse?

There's a mixture of sweet peas, cosmos, tomatoes and annual flowers (which I cunningly did not label as I was sooo confident I would remember which was which)


aJumpedUpPantryBoy Wed 27-Mar-13 19:59:20

I'd put the sweetpeas out as they are hardy. Maybe harden them off a bit by putting them out in the day and bringing them in at night for a few days.

frecklyspeckly Thu 28-Mar-13 23:19:14

agree with the sweet peas monty don was saying in his column that you shouldn't put tender seeds like tomato or courgette into an unheated greenhouse until mid may so I would hold off and pot on to bigger pots if you can. The family can live around it.. I am sure this won't be problematic if they are anything like as careful as mine grin

Leaningtoweroflisa Sat 30-Mar-13 13:15:36

Whoops! Stupid work getting in the way of MN and gardening... Hadn't checked for replies and decided to whack them out there yesterday, as it was so nice here...

6 unhappy sun gold tomato seedlings today... Back on a windowsill for them! And hopefully they'll pull through.

The flower seedling otoh seem to be made of sterner stuff, I'll check them a bit later (toddler just down for nap and I need to grab lunch!)

Thanks for your timely advice x

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