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Need a new compost bin - what type?

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We've got a dalek shaped compost bin which makes brilliant compost but is an absolute pig to empty, it has a small sliding door at the front which you have to take out and then reach in and dig the compost out, but is is very compacted and as the diameter at the bottom is about 2' and the opening only about 8" by 6" it is really hard getting it out. Also, we are filling it too fast now the DCs are getting older and eating lots more fruit and veg.

So we thought we'd get another one to run alongside it and if we get on better with the new one eventually replace the old one with another new one. There are so many designs out there - can anyone advise on the pros and cons of different types?

bumperella Tue 02-Apr-13 19:22:50

Huh - I was going to suggest a dalek-type one as they are cheap, good for heat retention, and work, though i absolutely agree re: the "door" at the bottom. I have two, and empty the first into the empty second one, until I get to the rotted stuff mid-way down, which I just use.

I think the other mainstream alternative types are wooden compartments - where you fill box 1, then move contents to box 2 and start filling box 1 with new waste, then when that's full you move contencts of box 2 into box 3, box 1 into box 2, and start filling box 1 again. By the time you've filled box 1 the stuff in box 3 will be ready to use. You do all the faffing about moving stuff in order to get it well mixed and lots of air into it - so it rots down quickly and well. The big disadvantage of any wooden ones is (a) they don't retain heat as well as plastic (b) they need to be treated against the wood rotting.

Or the "tumbler" type ones, where you can turn a handle to get the compostables mixed together well. These apparantly work very very well, but are more expensive and bulky.

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