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Greenfly on my roses. what to do?

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INeedALieIn Sun 10-Mar-13 17:01:28

New roses bushes were infested with green fly last summer. They were cut bach over winter and I was hoping for success this summer.

The plants are now budding and are totally infested. I can't believe it. We have snow outside. Where have the pests come from and how do I getrid of the beggars.?

tuckingfits Sun 10-Mar-13 17:05:16

I use warm soapy water & a soft clothe to wash them off with. It takes ages but seems quite effective. Can't believe yours are in bud - don't even have daffodils in flower/bud here yet!

INeedALieIn Sun 10-Mar-13 17:27:50

I don't think I mean bud. But the new growth is sprouting. I will give it a go.

bumperella Sun 10-Mar-13 21:57:50

Best thing is to wipe them off, really. You could use spray if you're happy with chemicals... usually garden birds (bluetits etc), wasps (they DO have a purpose!) etc, will keep the numbers in check as they feed them to chicks.

LimeFlower Tue 19-Mar-13 21:55:44

Plant lavender beside roses,it's excellent bug repellent.2 days and it's sorted smile

HumphreyCobbler Tue 19-Mar-13 21:56:56

I spray with water and washing up liquid, and wipe off with a tissue. Strangely satisfying.

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