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Advice for a beginner please

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bumperella Fri 08-Mar-13 20:19:18

Roses flower best in sun; however, they will still be OK so long as they get about 6hrs sun a day. So put it wherever it would look best!
Manure isn't necessary. Compost is a really good idea, though - dig the hole about twice the size of the roots of the rose, add compost to the soil you've removed, plant the rose to the same depth as it was in when you dug it up.
If you can find a product call "rootgrow" (its fungal spores that helps the roots to- erm- grow) then sprinkle that into teh hold jsut where the roots will be.
Keep it well watered for all of this year - don't let it dry out. If you can, add a mulch over the soil after you've planted it ( a couple inches of compost or chipped bark or similar) to help retain moisture and keep weeds away.
Feed (rose food or fish bone and blood or whatever). And be warned: roses root deeply so digging it out might be a bigger job than it sounds.

DeathMetalMum Fri 08-Mar-13 17:47:28

I have a redcurrant plant and a bush rose which I want to put in the garden, I know where I want to put thr redcurrant but unsure on the bush rose where would be the best? Our back garden is south facing however the top right of the garden gets sun for a long period in the morning and quite a but in the evening at the moment so this should increase over the summer.

Also do I NEED to put manure in with the plants? If so where do I get manure from considering I don't drive so can't just go and pick some up from a local farm.

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