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Just take it for granted I have no clue what I'm doing..

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FrankSpenser Thu 07-Mar-13 22:28:36

..And I'm not green fingered. However, I went slightly beserk and I came home from a trip to Aldi with:

24 x Mixed Violas
40 x Tiny trailing Lobelias
6 x Small Heather plants
12 x Pertunia plants
12 x Fushia
6 x Becopa Snowflake.

hmm Yes, I know..

For the past hour or so, from trawling t'internet I've learned that the Heather plants will grow in Acid soil. So they will be banished to a stand alone container along with some other tall acid loving plant when I can get hold of one. (So I can have the heather spread around the base of a larger plant with height, IYSWIM?) So that's sorted.

The Lobelias are absolutly tiny and a You Tube tutorial advises to 'plant them on' until they are more established, so they will go into cutting trays until larger. Done.

The only plants ready for outside are the Violas, and I'm planning on putting those into a couple of wall containers, probably after the weekend.

However, before I commit to planting all of them into each basket, I'd like some ideas on what can go in with them. So I'll have a nice (hopefully!) varied display of flowers/plants.

The wall basket is 16" across. So moderate in size I think. The basket will be in the sun and partial shade.


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