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What flowers are you growing from seed this year?

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temporary Tue 05-Mar-13 12:41:00

I grew delphinium and cosmos last year. I loved the money saving aspect of it, so want to grow more this year.

I will def do cosmos as that was soon easy, but would like some ideas for what else.

pepperrabbit Tue 05-Mar-13 12:49:52

I normally grow petunias and nicotiana, both pretty and loads of flowers.
Other than that I grow veg mainly.
I have just got my seed catalogue, so need to sit down and have a good go through it smile

temporary Tue 05-Mar-13 15:35:59

Nicotiana, brilliant idea.

MrsHoarder Tue 05-Mar-13 15:40:43

I've sown most of the "seed box" full of cosmos, cornflowers, naustrauma and some other stuff today. Then I've just ordered some sweet peas along with my herb and salad seeds which I will sow in the next few weeks.

I don't really buy plants though, although I will try to keep an eye out for home plant sales in the village again

Lynned Tue 05-Mar-13 15:43:41

Antirhynum (sp?) rudbeckia, and hot pink lavertaria. We have loads coming up!

temporary Tue 05-Mar-13 20:19:35

More great ideas, thanks.

mum47 Tue 05-Mar-13 20:21:07

What seed catalogue would you recommend? I want to plant cornflowers, sweet peas and the like, and also planning on putting in a raised bed for veg if I can find the time!

coffeeinbed Tue 05-Mar-13 20:22:34

different ones- there's a climbing one I' like to try.
I'd love some zinnias , but they don't do well in pots.

bumperella Wed 06-Mar-13 16:50:33

Cosmos, nasturtuims, marigold, lavatera, verbascum, black-eyed susie and larkspur all started. Will also do some candytuft, cornflower, shirley poppies.

coffeeinbed - I had the climbing nasturtium last year, and've sowed more this year. Was very easy, quick growing and flowered well -would recommend. Never tried zinnias as lots of people say they need a good long summer to flower well - is that true though?

mum47, I've used DT Browns (if you're only ordering seeds then you get free delivery, usually within a day or two), Dobies (the nursery, not the garden centre) and Unwins in the past and all have been good. Marshalls are good for veg, too.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Wed 06-Mar-13 20:00:33

Opium poppies, cosmos, ammi majus, Californian poppies, 'Kiss me over the garden gate', dill and parsley.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 06-Mar-13 20:04:30

Cosmos and aquilegia. Collected the aquilegia from some Flores that have self seeded in the garden. I hope they grow!

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 06-Mar-13 20:05:33

Nasturtiums took over our garden. They were a nightmare. I still have to pull up loads each year.

coffeeinbed Wed 06-Mar-13 20:10:40

Kitten, I only grow them in pots. They do well and flower well into late autumn.
I have seen them in Madeira did take over whole plots of land.

Bumperella, indeed, zinnias need sun. It was a washout disaster during last years so called summer, as expected. My aunt grows the best, then again she lives in the South.

Taffeta Thu 07-Mar-13 12:33:03

Veronica gentianodes , I grew some from seed a few years ago, only the one in the big pot survived, so they obv don't like my soil. So shall grow for pots as it is a gorgeous plant.

Trays and trays and trays of cosmos. A few different varieties of sweet peas. I direct sowed some sweet sultan yesterday.

I have a bunch of stuff for DD to grow in the next few weeks - sunflowers, Indian Prince marigolds, shirley poppies, california poppies and snapdragons.

In terms of catalogues, I look at Sarah Raven for inspiration but buy elsewhere cheaper eg Chiltern Seeds, Nickys Nursery ( esp for herbs ), Thompson & Morgan etc.

OYBBK - I have the same problem with aquilegia - they are everywhere!

mumzy Thu 07-Mar-13 12:38:52

Morning Glory the gorgeous blue one. Its dead easy to grow and you can collect the seeds in autumn.

debbiedlemur Thu 07-Mar-13 19:39:19

Lots of cosmos, antirrhinum, pom pom dahlias, rudbeckia and couldn't do without sweet peas/

bumperella Thu 07-Mar-13 22:07:57

Aquilegia gets everywhere! As do foxgloves. But they're a benign pest, I much prefer thinning them out than tackling ground elder!

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Fri 08-Mar-13 09:16:37

I'm at the stage now where I'm waiting to see whether the aquilegia that are popping up everywhere are the named varieties I've planted it random seedlings.

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Fri 08-Mar-13 09:17:36

Or random seedlings.

Taffeta Fri 08-Mar-13 12:28:41

I have lots of sort of pink and sort of purple mutant varieties. hmm

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Fri 08-Mar-13 14:25:28

I quite like the mutants, although what I'm really hoping for are offspring if the black and white ones!

coffeeinbed Fri 08-Mar-13 14:54:00

I only get random bluebells and lemon balm.

claudedebussy Sat 09-Mar-13 14:47:43


i grew them last year and they did so well. spectacular little plant that has got stunning flowers.

claudedebussy Sat 09-Mar-13 14:48:48

i get random aquilegias too. my favourites. although the random ones never seem to be the big beautiful white ones..

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Mon 11-Mar-13 16:58:11

Ooh. I think I have some cerinthe seeds. I grew beautiful plants one year but for the last two years they have failed miserably.

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