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Tips for a vegetable trough planter

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tiredandgrumpy Wed 13-Feb-13 13:08:20

Not really sure what they're called, but I hoped to get one of these this year and try growing salad leaves etc. has anyone tried this and do you have any tips for me? What sort of soil would be best, what plants, when can I start planting etc? Thanks in advance!

minkembra Thu 14-Feb-13 02:39:30

You can buy lots of different kits- wooden troughs, plastic, pop up fabric ones from ikea.

Salad leaves don't need particulary fertile soil so normal compost. they also don't need a great deal of depth.

So deep planter for Veg with more fertilizer /manure but just fir salad you can grew them in trays on windowsill i recycle the plastic trays that mushrooms, grapes etc come in, bit of compost sprinkle of mixed leaves. cut and come again.

Outdoors slugs are a problem. try wd40 on the outside of containers and beer traps.

Salad leaves grow almost all year- oriental varieties in colder weather. things like coriander like a bit if warm.

You can grew them in hanging baskets or planters attached to the wall - keeps slugs off and they tolerate a bit if shade.

Go for it.

minkembra Thu 14-Feb-13 14:12:36

Also sucessional planting. that is plant a small patch every week. takes about 6 weeks to get cut n come again leaves. plant weekly for a constant supply.

If you want to grew Veg look for container or smaller varieties.

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