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Garden design/service

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emanuela Thu 07-Feb-13 15:13:58


I posted this message also in property/DIY.

Would you be able to recommend a garden designer/somebody who can pave a garden in North London N10?

A company or individual is fine as long as they do a decent job.

The garden is about 50 ft long, but there is gravel, a huge swing (attached to the ground) which takes up part of it.

We want to have it partly paved with natural stone, have a massive garden shed removed.

We got two quotes at around 10,000 (including VAT) then reduced to 7800 (incl VAT) if we do it before the end of March. we would ideally like to do it for 5,000+VAT or less.

Please, let me know if you can recommend somebody, it doesn't have to be a fancy company, but just somebody with an eye for design and who can do a precise job.


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