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Forgot to plant my allium bulbs - wha shall I do with them?

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LittleEdie Sat 02-Feb-13 23:04:30

Plant em!

purplewithred Thu 31-Jan-13 12:35:10

Plant them, definitely. In the ground or in pots. The ones I accidentally dig up now have only just started sprouting.

sneeders Thu 31-Jan-13 12:29:23

Or you can keep them in a paper bag in the dark until next year and hope to remember them then

plipplops Wed 30-Jan-13 20:25:17

I'd just plant them and see what happens

nextphase Sun 13-Jan-13 20:34:43

well, my marked down Alium say plant Sept-Dec, so I was planning on planting this weekend, but an afternoon snooze got in the way... Next weekend will have to be a must.
No point throwing them out - might as well try planting them.

daisie4 Sun 13-Jan-13 13:15:17

Hi, I've just found the allium bulbs I bought last autumn still in their packets. What should I do with them? Could I plants in pots and keep indoors until better weather, or can I plant outside in spring, or should I store, or will I have to throw away? Thanks

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