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New garden from scratch - HELP!

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ATouchOfStuffing Tue 11-Dec-12 16:19:47

I am possibly the least green fingered person I know. So, from that standpoint, plants need to be minimal maintenance...

I am planning my new garden and have been asked by the architect to plot on the plan EVERY plant I intend to have! Please help me!

I was hoping to have a bit of colour all year around and have made a list from RHS on russet/red bushes and foliage for Autumn/Winter but am really a bit clueless as to what goes well with what.

I love lavender and intend to have some near the porch, so that the scent hits as you get to the door. I like the silvery foliage as well.

I like white flowers and would like a pergola in the back garden over a seating area. My mum suggested hop for this when she was alive (much keener gardener than myself but not sure they flower?). I like snowdrops and bluebells too for Spring flowers.

So really I would love a garden with colour all year around; blues and whites with the odd red rose in Summer, reds and yellows in autumn and reds/whites in Winter. Is this possible?

House is east facing, if that makes any difference and soil is very good.

Thank you in advance. Will scan in the plans if you think you can help!

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Wed 23-Jan-13 12:50:44

Too far for me to go, alas, but I think I've seen their stand at plant fairs. Besides, I have so many heucheras and other things waiting to be planted, I must avoid all further temptation!

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