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shepherdsdelight Sun 28-Oct-12 16:04:10

I know I should have planted these bulbs in september but is it tooooo late to do this now?
Over the last few years I must have planted hundreds but hardly any come up each spring. This time I've got a bag of 100 to plant. Wish me luck!

Aquelven Sun 28-Oct-12 16:26:54

No, it isn't too late.

MaudTheGardenTheBlackBatNight Tue 30-Oct-12 09:28:22

No, not too late at all.

If your bulbs keep disappearing then - assuming they've not been eaten by animals - they've either rotted away or been planted too shallow. Try putting grit at the bottom of the planting hole and add some bonemeal under the bulbs.

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