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looking for evergreen hedge

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summerlulu Thu 01-Nov-12 20:55:41

Hawthorn should keep its leaves if kept pruned, it's the new growth that stay attached....normally :•)

digerd Tue 30-Oct-12 16:34:45

Viburnum Tuinus is evergreen, but with a hedge you will have to prune it on both sides. Lovely scent from the winter flowers.

bumperella Mon 29-Oct-12 18:29:08

I've hawthorn, and it doesn't keep its leaves at all.... is it something I'm doing/not doing?

Have your tried looking online at the RHS "plant selector" tool? it's brilliant for coming up with suggestions to suit parameters that you can choose.

Rhubarbgarden Sun 28-Oct-12 19:55:48

Viburnum tinus makes a nice dense hedge, and it has pretty flowers in winter which is a bonus.

Pannacotta Sun 28-Oct-12 18:32:22

OP do you live in the country?
I agree Hawthorn is good for a country/rural garden. My sugggestion is better for town or suburbia...

Startailoforangeandgold Sun 28-Oct-12 16:41:30

We have Hawthorn, which keeps most of its leaves, isn't toxic (DD1 eats young hawthorneaves) and keeps animals out.

The however the clippings are horrible and it's only any good if your somewhere rural where it looks right.

Aquelven Sun 28-Oct-12 16:32:07

Don't use privet if there are animals.
My neighbour threw all his clippings into the field where my goats lived for a treat, he thought. I was cleaning them of green vomit for days they were so ill.

Not evergreen but beech is safe & keeps it's brown leaves if you clip it late in the season. Then there's hawthorn, roses, we have mixed hedges.

EauRouge Sun 28-Oct-12 15:55:42

I'm not 100% sure but I think Escallonia might be safe.

ToothbrushThief Sun 28-Oct-12 14:46:36


Pannacotta Sun 28-Oct-12 14:44:11

Portuguese laurel is nicer than straight laurel. Is fairly fast growing and tough, needs to be pruned with secateurs though rather than a hedge strimmer.

fussychica Sat 27-Oct-12 17:35:20


kilmuir Fri 26-Oct-12 14:37:28

yes love the look of yew hedging, shame. needs to be quite fast growing. was thinking of 3/4 foot.
can only think of laurel, but a lot of that around here!

EauRouge Fri 26-Oct-12 08:27:34

There goes my suggestion for yew! grin Do you need something fast growing? How tall do you need it to be?

kilmuir Thu 25-Oct-12 23:17:42

any suggestions. its a length of about 20metres. would prefer evergreen. have animals and cows in field next door so no poisonous plants

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