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Reasonably priced large modern patio planters

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Cinderariel Thu 18-Oct-12 09:22:43

Dear Garden Gurus. I am a skint gardener trying to create a "contemporary family garden" with al fresco entertaining patio affair and I would ike to have a number of matching modern looking large garden planters. But I am a novice with no idea even where to start/look. Can anyone help?

I have a modern brown brick house with "mahogany effect" UPVC windows (sadly a far cry from my dream georgian farmhouse, but never mind!). I think i need 5 or 6 garden planters, fairly large, ideally black/grey/silver sort of colours with a plan to plant silvery/greeny/purple shrubs for next to the front door and on the decking out the back.
I don't know whether I need slate/stone/plastic containers ? whats best? Where do I find for the best price ? And what do I plant?

Just a few(!) things to work out.. never realised gardening was such science!

LadyMud Thu 18-Oct-12 13:44:18

Oooh, how exciting - a new garden!

You can get some really nice (and cheap-ish) pots in "fibreclay", which look like lead. They come in a range of designs and sizes. Check out Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Personally, I'd go for shrubs with coloured foliage, and not worry about flowers. There are some little Hebes with green/silver/purple foliage (eg "Wild Romance"). And Heucheras come in a wide range of colours (try X Heucherella "Tapestry").

But the one essential plant is lavender - green leaves, and either purple or white flowers (some French ones have two-tone flowers) - and a lovely scent.

Have fun!

Showtime Tue 13-Nov-12 13:36:09

I'm replacing patio pots with home-made container/s, approx 1mxhalfm, to hopefully cut down on watering. Started with frame using off-cuts of wood, lined with weed-suppressant fabric then covered on outside with split-bamboo, which comes in a roll and am assuming will weather to silvery colour.
Agree with lavender plant/s, also that mauve is excellent colour for plants as so much choice.
This is first year of first container, but am very pleased so far and have not found anything I prefer, although Fibreclay containers sound good if large enough for drainage etc.

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