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Cyclamen and viola- care of

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MissBoPeep Sat 13-Oct-12 17:28:59

Have spent £££s on lots of the above for my pots. (Bulbs underneath too.) But I seem to recall that within a few weeks the said flowers will be a shadow of their former selves- few flowers and droopy or soggy.

Any tips? To water or not to water? To dead head all the time or ignore? To feed or not to feed?

digerd Sat 13-Oct-12 17:59:38

Never had any luck with cyclamen - they are supposed to be watered from below in the tray under the pot and dead heading including the limp stem, is a must, but mine still dies on me !!! Violas are perennials, mine grow almost wild in the ground., but winter waterlogging can kill them. If yours are in pots, they need very good drainage,

Aquelven Sat 13-Oct-12 20:34:58

You can move your cyclamen into the garden. They do best under trees & shrubs.

MissBoPeep Sat 13-Oct-12 21:14:09

Thanks. I am good with cyclamen in the house- but outside I think they get too wet- I know the corms don't have to get too wet or they rot. Violas seem to get wet too- can hardly keep off the rain can I?

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