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Cyclamen or viola ?

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anniewoo Sat 13-Oct-12 16:57:43

Which would flower longer thru the winter please?

Trills Sat 13-Oct-12 16:59:00


For a minute I thought this was a Baby Names thread.

MissBoPeep Sat 13-Oct-12 17:27:18

Lol- was just going to post to ask similar.

BUT I'm ahead of you- have done my pots and put both in!

digerd Sat 13-Oct-12 18:02:27

Cyclamen are very showy, but I've not had any luck with them, Violas are much easier to grow.

anniewoo Sat 13-Oct-12 18:36:49

Thank you.

Aquelven Sat 13-Oct-12 20:32:56

Violas flower for longer.
If you pinch off the fading flowers they seem to go on forever.

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