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tomatoes wont ripen

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purplewithred Sat 15-Sep-12 08:53:36

Patience. If you don't have blight then just leave them be, it will happen.

RubberNeckerNicker Fri 14-Sep-12 23:27:18

I've picked all mine and packed them in a box on a sunny window sill with an apple. They are just starting to blush blush

Showtime Fri 14-Sep-12 23:25:26

I just pick stems and hang them up, either in garage or indoors, as I believe they need warmth to ripen.

bureni Wed 12-Sep-12 00:08:31

I keep a few old buckets full of rusty nut, bolts and nails lying outside and allow them to fill with rainwater, I use the water for the toms which gives them a full flavour and ripens them quicker. My grandfather used to feed his toms with Guinness once a week, best toms I ever tasted

sherbetpips Mon 10-Sep-12 21:18:39

Old banana underneath the plant works every time x

MoreBeta Sun 09-Sep-12 22:08:25

I second green tomato chutney. Brilliant stuff. A great way to use end of partly ripe season tomatoes.

OrangEyesDoMoreThanSee Sun 09-Sep-12 22:06:13

Or make green tomato chutney!

Himalaya Sun 09-Sep-12 22:03:48

Pick them and put them in a paper bag with a bananna inside - banannas give out ethylene which acts as a signal for fruits to ripen.

OodHousekeeping Sun 09-Sep-12 21:59:54

Hang bananas with them!

adoremyfamily Sun 09-Sep-12 00:22:25

Any tips how to get my greenhouse toms to ripen. Have grown italian baby plum (my favourite) for the first time and I am desperate to try them but they wont go red.

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