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What do you wear to garden?

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sadnoonie Fri 06-Jul-12 19:17:06

lovely mil gave me garden vouchers for my birthday. Have mentally spent them, but looking out at the rain AGAIN, I started thinking about whether to get a waterproof jacket.

This led to a day dream about gardening clothes aka jeans/t shirt / fleece combo not at all inspired by an Alys Fowler programme on sky plus where she wafts about in dresses in her lovely bohemian lifestyle [jealous]

So what do you wear to garden in?

HumphreyCobbler Fri 06-Jul-12 19:18:54

I don't tend to garden much in the rain.

Otherwise, clog type shoes (not crocs, they let in the soil), jogging bottoms as they don't fall down when I bend over, a t-shirt and a floppy hat if it is sunny.

Lexilicious Fri 06-Jul-12 19:23:56

If summer raining, Wellies, shorts and a walking jacket (lowe alpine I think).
If sunny and warm, plimsolls for pottering/boots for digging, shorts, a t-shirt and floppy hat.
If sunny and cold, wellies, trackies, t-shirt, puffa gilet
If wet and cold, boots, trackies, waterproof Peter Storms, t-shirt, walking jacket.

I would LOVE some of those posh leather wellies the royals and Monty wear. I would not, however, wear them in the garden grin.

slowlyburningcalories Fri 06-Jul-12 22:49:14

I had some great leather waterproof boots that were meant for biking in, they had a Tongue on the outside which stopped dirt getting into the laces and eyelets. I like a lightweight fleece to garden in when it's cold and hoody jumpers with front pouches to stick my secataurs smile

Trousers I used to wear a pair of dark green lightweight combats, but I am currently looking for something more robust for taking on my new garden

And wooly hat or floppy straw hat :-)

Earthymama Fri 06-Jul-12 23:05:45

I am most particular about my gardening clothes. They are mostly green or khaki coloured.

If it's warm I wear a sort of walking/hiking skirt with a vest or t-shirt, I will then put on one of several ancient cardigans in the evening.

i had a pair of moleskin trousers for about 8 years; they split at the knee recently and I am Bereft sad

I wear Trainers if it is dry, Caterpillar shoes if it is wet or wellies if it is Summer 2012.

I have several waterproof jackets and a gilet I bought 10 years ago in Oxfam for £2!!

I think I look like Carol Klein or Sarah Raven but in reality I look like a mad woman, I think grin

I have lots of gloves, I am obsessed with them too, In fact I am obsessed with everything about my garden and allotment. However, I am wondering why I have bought 30 lavender plants when it is pouring with rain and I have to plant them asap. confused

I always wear Bugs Away, known as BuggerOrf in our house as it really does stop the midgies biting.

Good luck with the clothes buying, sure you wouldn't rather have a new wormery though? wink

ILikeToMowIt Fri 06-Jul-12 23:14:38

mowed the lawn last week bear-feet in cropped jeans.
not recommended...

slowlyburningcalories Fri 06-Jul-12 23:26:18

Bare feet or bear feet? Blame the pimms for my pondering grin

ILikeToMowIt Sat 07-Jul-12 08:45:45

grrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrr, well what do you think..?

echt Sat 07-Jul-12 09:21:10

In the spirit of that chap from "The Fast Show", today I am mostly wearing old jogging bottoms, ancient ankle boots which have been demoted to the garden, and several thin layers; thermal vest, merino jumper, woolly jumper to anticipate the Australian winter.

It was 3 degrees last night, but 14 in the day, and feeling much warmer when I was kneeling in the raised bed, weeding by hand.

I like the bear feet.

And the Pimms.envy

blue2 Sat 07-Jul-12 09:26:09

Quite often I just garden in what I'm wearing. By the time I've changed into gardening clothes, I've found an excuse not to go out!
Having said that, my everyday wear is pretty work-like anyway.

I always wear my Floxgloves gardening gloves. I have 2 pairs and I love them. Rather expensive, but great to ask people to buy you for birthdays.

I second the garden clogs, though. I wear them rain or shine, winter and summer

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Sat 07-Jul-12 11:29:21

I mostly wear whichever pair of jeans is dirtiest and my local gardening society's t-shirt or sweatshirt, accessorised with stylish primark wellies. I am in live with my gardening apron, which has capacious pockets for secateurs, string and other perquisites.

If, though, I'm just popping into the garden before or after work, I may well be wearing a dress but not looking anything like Alys.

slowlyburningcalories Sat 07-Jul-12 11:46:12

I think if you have bear feet finding shoes might be difficult

<slept surprisingly well & DH taken vocal toddler shopping & no hangover>

sadnoonie Sat 07-Jul-12 21:08:18

Oooh lots of ideas, going to perve on look up foxglove gloves and monty don's wellies!

Humphrey - have 8 mo ds so have to garden opportunistically = accepting I will have to get wet if it's raining when dh is off!

cantspel Sun 08-Jul-12 00:33:03

As i tend to live in jeans and t shirts i never change to garden as i would be swapping clothes 20 times a day as i bob in and out.
I keep and old pair of crocs which i wear in the summer and an old pair of uggs for winter.
I was out in the garden on friday and i had on a bright white and orange tshirt which the butterflies must have though looked flower like as they kept landing on me.
I have several different pairs of gloves and one of my husbands old coats which i wear if raining or doing dirty work like painting a fence or moving compost.

Aquelven Sun 08-Jul-12 13:36:59

Wellies, jumper or tee shirt & whatever tatty old jeans & ancient waterproof are on their last legs after becoming too disreputable for even dog walking, usually their previous use. All topped off with my beloved woolly hat as my hair frizzes at even a whiff of damp, & it's always damp here. sad
Gutted though as the hat now has several holes in it since one of the dogs chewed it last month, so might have to get another. I am the height of elegance in the garden. grin

funnyperson Sun 08-Jul-12 23:07:05

Fave floppy ancient cath kidston long tunic with pockets and matching long floppy cath kidston jersey cardi with pockets both grey with flowers, ancient floppy jersey trousers with pockets ancient fipflops: aim is to look like a crazy but kindly granny. The crazy bit is probably achieved.
Accessories: trug. secateurs. gardening gloves, plant labels & pencil

roseum Fri 13-Jul-12 23:57:47

My work is always re-branding, so I have loads of old fleeces with past logos on that come in useful for gardening; other than that, tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts that also get used for painting/ DIY, wellies if wet, old shoes if not (my shoes get turned into garden shoes too quickly, as I am always wandering out to do something 'quick' like pruning, then carrying on regardless with increasingly mucky tasks). Gloves - but I am always going through the finger-tips. Some knee-pads that DH got me for Christmas - very useful when kneeling and weeding.

PigletJohn Sat 28-Jul-12 00:48:00

shorts, welly-clogs, insect repellent.

When I was young and fit the woman next door's mum used to ogle me and make coarse remarks, but I think the danger has passed now.

BackforGood Sat 28-Jul-12 01:17:02

I only ever garden if it doubles up as an opportunity to sunbathe, so shorts and a vest normally.

PigletJohn Sat 28-Jul-12 01:23:17

DP only ever gardens if it consists of lying on a sunlounger with the gardener bringing her cold drinks angry

Takver Sat 28-Jul-12 11:19:01

Things with lots of pockets!

Summer: craghopper combat style trousers (not trendy but they last), thin cotton shirt (latter charity shop as they get trashed quickly). 3/4 length combats in warmer weather

Winter: dickies work trousers, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt over, thick wool jumper, padded waistcoat, remove as necessary grin

Feet: jeep walking socks & leather walking boots - 99% of the time I reckon if you need wellies then its too wet to be on the soil. Lace-up desert boots in hot dry weather.

digerd Sat 08-Sep-12 19:57:59

When I was younger, I could wear, strappy tops and shorts in summer, but now at 68, and this year been bitten by nasties in which my whole foot and lower leg swelled so could not walk, apart from the ITCHING, that kept me awake for nights, and had to go on antibiotics etc, and happened twice during the 2 hot spells we had, I now cannot go out into garden in the heat for more than 10 minutes as have to be in long sleeves and long trousers with elasticated bottoms and ankle boots !!!!!!!!!!!!! For trimming/pruning in autumn, the best clothes are those old fashioned shell suits, as seeds etc do not stick to that material

Bublinskibits Fri 19-Apr-13 13:02:50

I also wear clog type shoes, jog bottoms and layers on top. I got my clogs from Monster Slippers last year and I've just ordered some for hubby. Good value and does what it says on the site.

Jan49 Fri 19-Apr-13 13:45:12

A t-shirt, black trousers, a pair of lace up shoes. The shoes and trousers are old ones that I keep only for gardening. Also gardening gloves.

Usually I only do gardening around April - September but when our garden was really overgrown I did gardening all year round to clear it so in the winter I wore a jumper and dark summer jacket. It was so wild that I also wore eye protector goggles, the type you use for DIY work, which must have made a very fetching look for the neighbours. grin

Rhubarbgarden Fri 19-Apr-13 20:18:29

I used to wear combat trousers/shorts and t-shirts in various shades of brown or green (with you on that, Earthymama). Steel toe capped boots on feet and wax jacket for rain, together with my trusty and beloved wide-brimmed leather rain hat.

Now I have small children, I am always covered in yoghurt/poo/vomit/sticky stuff anyway so I just wear whatever I was already wearing without bothering to get changed. And I left my trusty beloved hat at a toddler dancing class sad

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