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Best cat detterant?

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Heartbeep Sat 28-Apr-12 15:29:08

Our neighbours cats keep pooing in our garden. It's quite a small garden, high fence round all sides, we've done a lot of work in it last year & are really looking forward to being able to get use out of it this year. We have a toddler so really really can't tolerate it. They poo on the grass & sit in my raised planter (veggies).

We have water guns at the ready, getting lions roar for the front where our toddler doesn't really play. Thought about spikes for fence, do they work? Any other suggestions that work (apart from get a cat-can't stand them, I'm allergic anyway).

No cat sob stories please, I like animals (I don't eat them!), but can't abide other people's attitudes towards unacceptable pet behaviour, including cat poo in my lovely child friendly garden.

many thanks.

Heartbeep Mon 14-May-12 22:24:31

Good advice sparkle & Bienchen thanks. Actually my work colleague who has a cat also suggested orange peel, he said their cat hates it.

SeventhEverything Mon 14-May-12 22:32:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cathy65 Wed 03-Jul-13 22:48:46

I found this discussion searching the web for advice on cat repellents, with 52 posts there' some great info here! But it is a bit confusing, lots of opinions.

I have already tried all, or almost all of the natural remedies, but the cats still came in and poo'd on my grass and red chips regular. I am really thinking about trying one of those cat repellents, but they are a little pricey - has anyone any experience of them?

naturesway Wed 07-Aug-13 06:53:56

I Feed the birds and have plenty of shelter for then in my garden. Out neighbours cat soon realised it wasn't welcome when I wrapped mesh round the trunks of trees and shrubs. The 4 dogs helped. But in the last few days a new cat has started visiting. I woke this morning to my rubbish bags torn open. Yes it is s cat as my husband saw it last night. We sprayed the bags but it obviously can back later to finish the job. Yes I have digs and clean up after them everything but cat poo if different. They do it anywhere they want (my dogs poo in the same place). I also have children. I am not spending loads on deterring someone else's pet. Nature's way will do - they can deal with the dogs. They haven't caught a cat yet and I hope they don't but it is their yard (and mine).

naturesway Wed 07-Aug-13 06:55:21

Sorry about predictive text.

Deux Fri 09-Aug-13 23:16:42

What about painting the tops of your fence with anti climb paint? Assuming it's not toxic. Not sure if a non toxic version exists. Would you care if it was?

It's a legitimate thing to do to deter intruders.

This was suggested to me by a policeman.

Also in beds, I cut up bamboo canes with a 45 degree angle and put them in the soil. They can't squat down lest they be impaled. I make sure i push them in quite deep into the soil so they can't dig them out.

If i do find any deposits i flush the area with a water/dettol mix.

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