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Nineflowers Fri 20-Jan-12 14:47:28

It's probably not the time of year for it, but I have always had a secret hankering to have one of those wormeries, and seen a nice one with a tenner off. Anyone got any experience of these? I'd love an inexhaustible supply of liquid plant food for my homegrown tomatoes, this year. If anyone has got one and has any tips - I'd love to hear from you here!

ChitChatInChaos Fri 20-Jan-12 16:00:55

Ooh, me, me, me! I've got one one of the black ones with lots of trays. Love it! I'm a bit hopeless in planning the food for them and tend to dump a whole lot of food on them and then ignore them for several weeks, though! Gone away for 6 weeks and they were absolutely fine, just gave them a whole lot of food and shredded newspaper before we went away.

I found that you really have to keep the food down for the first year, it does take a good year to build up a decent population of worms. You're supposed to put paper in as well, I do that every now and then and it seems ok. Be careful about leaving them in the sun when the weather warms up - accidentally baked ours and quite a few died blush, smelt AWFUL, but once I'd cleared it up by adding water every day for a few weeks to 'wash it out', it worked just as before so obviously the worm population was still very high.

Also, if you're a bit hit and miss on the food you will get maggots/flies so I dont' like keeping it right next to the house. I've put a wasp catcher up in a tree above the worm farm and the flies get trapped in there and die, so that keeps it manageable. Paying more attention to how much you give them would probably help too...... grin!

I give lots of worms to a friend who has chickens, seriously, there are LOADS of them in there.

If you want to spoil them to start them off, make sure the food is chopped up finely. I even blended some for them. They like food which is just starting to go off, so manky fruit and vegetables are even better. If you put fresh food in there they don't really touch it until it goes off.

You still need to put lots of food in the compost bin though.

Find someone who has a worm farm and get some worms off them to start off, much cheaper!

If you're anywhere near me I'd happily give you some <helpful> smile

echt Fri 20-Jan-12 21:03:18

We found in the UK that if you build a wormery, the worms will turn up, like "Field of Dreams".grin Don't put it in a hot spot, though.

Nineflowers Sat 21-Jan-12 00:53:46

LOL. Field of Dreams. Love that. Cheers, both. x

Greatballsofedam Sat 04-Feb-17 20:04:56

Ive got a wormcity one which Ive had for about 6 six years it's brilliant.
It does take a while to get started though so you musn't overfeed.
My ds used to keep pulling the worms out of it!

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