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I need some shoes to keep by the back door...

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cadelaide Tue 03-Jan-12 00:53:16

...that I can slip on and off easily when I see something that needs deadheading right now.

I am resistant to Crocs, I just can't. I've seen some rather splendid Hunter slippy-onny things but they're a bit pricey.

Any ideas?

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 03-Jan-12 00:55:56

I got some rather fine gardening clogs from Lidl the German farmers' market last spring.

startail Tue 03-Jan-12 00:57:14

I confess to a pair of crocs, but the standard design have holes just above the sole so are hopeless if you step onto a flowered.
DD had some that didn't have that lowest set of holes, which see loved because your feet stayed dry and much less sandy.
Nothing stays completely unsandy, with our soil.

WynkenBlynkenandNod Tue 03-Jan-12 01:00:08

I probably have the same pair as Maud, could have been Aldi not Lidl but definitely one of them. Do the job very well.

Methe Tue 03-Jan-12 01:06:29



Ponders Tue 03-Jan-12 01:06:53

Aldi/Lidl ones here too (3 pairs in different sizes). They have no holes & do the job perfectly. Trouble is they don't always have them in so sign up for the twice-weekly emails

Or buy hole-less Crocs from Rubbersole

Or just bite the bullet & get the expensive Hunter ones!

Ponders Tue 03-Jan-12 01:12:21

oh, dear, even the hole-less crocs do have the holes just above the sole so they're no good either, unless you get the white medical ones (not very good in the garden!)

lots of garden clogs here in more or less hideous colours grin

Jux Tue 03-Jan-12 02:23:21

My cousin gave me a pair of bright orange fake crocs which she thought would delight me, but which I keep exclusively for the garden. There is no way in the world I would wear them where people could see! grin

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 03-Jan-12 10:48:05

I think the holes in crocs make them unsuitable. I had a horrible bout of cellulitis in my toe in the autumn and spent a week hobbling about with a toe that looked like a purple sausage, and the doctor thought it was quite likely caused by contact with the soil while gardening in flip-flops.

::Won't do that again emoticon::

Nilgiri Tue 03-Jan-12 10:54:19

Lands End clogs currently on sale. Might be too smart for the garden.

Jux Tue 03-Jan-12 14:21:12

I was going to say that I only get slightly damp feet using the fake crocs, but once I'd read about your toe it does sound like they wouldn't work for you. Shame, they were phenominally cheap!

AliceLost Tue 03-Jan-12 14:22:58

Ponders Tue 03-Jan-12 15:36:26

oooh, Alice, those are lovely smile

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Tue 03-Jan-12 16:17:42

Those backdoor shoes are fabulous - my Lidl cheapies are identical but for the lovely illustrations.

My anecdote about my toe was intended as a warning that soil-borne lurgies entering via any tiny cut or scratch on the feet could have horrible repercussions for anyone.

oldenoughtowearpurple Tue 03-Jan-12 23:13:29

I invested in a pair of flowery hunter slip on jobs last Chelsea flower show and they are fantastic, worth every penny. Comfortable, sturdy, stay on properly, keep feet dry on wet grass. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

oldenoughtowearpurple Tue 03-Jan-12 23:16:03

Hunter clogs but they were a bit less at the show.

CatPussRoastingByAnOpenFire Tue 03-Jan-12 23:24:04

Hunter is fast becoming as common as crocs! Try Lakeland. They do several types of rubber gardening shoe. Look here.

Bublinskibits Fri 17-Feb-12 14:51:40

I have a pair that look a bit like the hunter ones, but come from They were £6.99 in green and do the job nicely thank you.

mcom75 Mon 06-Jan-14 15:33:05

I was given a pair of for christmas, have been amazing with all this horrible weather recently. Great for nipping out to feed the Guinea Pigs! I got the blubells designs.

Mintyfrog Thu 09-Jan-14 17:10:02

I love my 'Backdoorshoes' with bluebells ongrin

didireallysaythat Fri 10-Jan-14 19:47:40

I have a pair of croc wellies with the fake fur ruff. I needed something to tuck my PJ into.

LaurieFairyCake Fri 10-Jan-14 19:53:44

I've got the Joules Wellibobs - they are ankle boots but you can just step into them rather than needing to pull them on as the plastic is rigid but the inside is very soft.

I got mine on EBay for 20 quid

Blackpuddingbertha Sat 11-Jan-14 21:59:12

I have the 'poppy' backdoor shoes, they are lovely. Asked or them for my birthday.

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