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Tia4 Sun 16-Oct-11 14:23:33

Hello everyone. I have been tidying my borders today and my inherited Potentilla shrubs are looking decidedly straggly. Is it ok to trim them to a neat shape or should I cut them back more than that? Also, I asked once before about Cranesbill care but is now a good time to divide the overgrown clumps? The chopping down to near ground level after flowering worked a treat (thanks to whover recommended that!) and the clumps are looking very healthy though I know they will die down over winter.
I hope someone can help with these two queries - I feel I am getting there at last with my borders and I do make notes of the advice I'm given!

Thank you, Tia.

punkinpie Sun 16-Oct-11 16:52:32

I'd trim the potentilla to a neat shape; and yes I'd divide your cranesbill now.

<<hope I'm right...>>

Tia4 Sun 16-Oct-11 19:47:10

Thanks for that! Tia.

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