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I have grapes, lots & lots of grapes; I am anxiously awaiting the first frost

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KatyMac Tue 04-Oct-11 21:35:38

Last year I lost them all when they popped with the frost

Does anyone know how long I can leave them to ripen (in this lovely sun) to ripen

They are mostly green with a few on each bunch starting to go pink & the pink ones are marvellous

Plese help me save this years crop

KatyMac Wed 05-Oct-11 11:01:03


KatyMac Wed 05-Oct-11 21:10:43


nooka Sat 08-Oct-11 06:04:27

We also have green grapes that go pink when they are really really ripe. I picked all mine when I thought they were about as ripe as they were going to get and it was starting to get much colder. They have gone on getting a bit pinker inside. I guess it's a bit of a gamble really.

KatyMac Sat 08-Oct-11 10:31:01

Oh dear we had a mild frost 2 nights ago - but they seem OK (mind you I haven't checked this morning <gulp>

nooka Sat 08-Oct-11 18:32:21

MY wine type grapes are still out, they are supposed to taste better after a frost. But I will turn them into jelly, so it's not really an issue. I'd go out and pick them if I were you.

KatyMac Sun 09-Oct-11 19:49:31

Jelly? Is that nice?

I'll check them tomorrow

catwithflowers Mon 10-Oct-11 15:09:23

grape jelly is delicious - a friend gave me some she made last year. No recipe though, sorry!

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