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Can I do anything with my giant runner beans? I assume they'll be too stringy to eat them as they are.

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Meglet Sun 02-Oct-11 20:54:07

I've not kept on top of the runners this year and now I have loads of beans I need to pick.

Can I prepare them so they aren't stringy? Or can I pop them open and harvest the actual beans, and if so how do I cook them?

trulyscrumptious43 Sun 02-Oct-11 22:45:24

Yes you can cook the actual beans , I read a recipe somewhere recently. I seem to recall that they were recommended for drying and using to bulk out winter soups and stews, like a haricot.

inmysparetime Mon 03-Oct-11 07:03:01

Pop the pods (just like peas, along the seam), and cook them in boiling water, or fry them with garlic and butter, or put them in a soup. Runner beans are yummy, make sure you save a pod for next year's seeds

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