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What to put under a trampoline?

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glitch Thu 29-Sep-11 14:03:46

Underneath our trampoline and climbing frame I have a combination of dandelions and soil. The grass has now completely died off and I don't think I have much hope of re-growing any under it. The garden isn't big enough to move said eyesores so I wondering what I can put down instead.

I'm thinking bark or gravel but I don't want to end up shooting bits of it across the garden if the lawnmower hits the edge of it. I also have a dog and cat so it is a possible new toilet area for them when they spy it depending on what it is.

I'd appreciate any ideas.

Insomnia11 Thu 29-Sep-11 14:07:25

We have large bark chippings under ours but it stands over an old pond/rockery we filled in so the little rock wall stops the bark escaping (much) onto the lawn. No doubt the cats and chickens do use it as a toilet and god knows what else, the chickens like scratching around in there anyway and the cats sit under the trampoline, but I don't worry about it as it's under the trampoline and you can't see it!

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