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peppers and chillis over-wintering???

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cotswolder Thu 22-Sep-11 10:09:43

We put a raised bed in this year and planted some pepper and chilli plants (along with salad) - but probably rather too late in the season. They are looking great at the moment with some small peppers coming - I think they may be coming good too late however.

Some ignoramus questions however - how long into the autumn will they keep going, and is there any chance we can keep them going over winter? Is it worth trying, can I cover the frame in a blanket/insulation? or would we need to transfer to pots and bring inside? Or do I just throw them away on basis that frost will do its normal killing business?

Takver Thu 22-Sep-11 21:29:54

You can overwinter peppers & chillies - they are actually short lived perennials even though they're normally grown as annuals. It doesn't always work in the UK, but definitely worth a try. They would need to be indoors for sure unless they are in a heated greenhouse.

If you've ever overwintered geraniums, then basically treat them the same way - lift & pot up, then keep somewhere frost free & light but not too hot, and very little water until they start growing away in spring.

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