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Oh no, my trees have fireblight, anyone able to help?

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maddiemostmerry Sun 11-Sep-11 19:25:31

Hi. We have realised that the sorbus in our garden has fireblight. We think it originated from a ceanothus which died a few years ago. However we kept it for our climbing roses to trail round.
Looking around the garden I would say the Hawthorn is infected and a few unknown shrubs.

At the moment the other trees, oak, apple, thuja, cherry and a host of trees, shrubs and plants seem ok. However, everything I read suggests this is going to be a nightmare to get rid off.

Has anyone any experince of fireblight? We have been burning but it's going to take forever. Can we bag it up and take it to the dump?
Has anyone had any luck with copper sulphate?

Any advice welcome. Thanks

maddiemostmerry Mon 12-Sep-11 07:35:08


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