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mrsmerryberry Thu 01-Sep-11 17:18:23

I've got a north facing garden and to make it worse, I have clay soil. Anyone got any ideas on what shrubs would grow and survive in my garden and is it ok to plant them this month or have I missed the boat for the this year?

Grockle Sat 03-Sep-11 21:07:59

Um, I don't know about planting but in my northfacing garden, we have lots of:

Snowberry (nightmare stuff - do not plant!)

and a palm tree

mrsmerryberry Sun 04-Sep-11 15:10:50

Grockle, thanks for the list I've jotted them down and will have a look in my garden centre. I do like the idea of fuscias, did'nt think they were a north facing plant so thanks for this.

serin Mon 05-Sep-11 22:20:01

We have a climbing hydrangea on our north wall and it does very well.

mumzy Thu 08-Sep-11 10:24:39

I have exactly the same gardening conditions and the following are thriving well: roses ( have fragrant hybrids and climbers - found the best suppliers are David Austin and Harkness), ceoanthus bush ( gorgeous deep blue flowers in spring) mimosa tree, magnolia, honeysuckle, peach and plum trees, euphorbias, sedums, buddleia, bottlebrush bush, laverteras, ivy, periwinkles, crane geraniums, ferns, hydrangeas( pink and purple only as alkaline soil) spring bulbs. Found through trial and error only quite hardy plants survived these conditions.

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