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Metal Arch and Tuscany Superb - good idea?

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givemeadvice Tue 30-Aug-11 19:50:00

Over the weekend my DH bought a metal arch and has left me with the job of finding climber. I've researched as I'd like a rose, thornless and red.
Top of my list ZD but it is dark pink not red. Altissimo is thorny so out the question and finally Tuscany Superb. Only problem this comes under rose shrub - will it be OK for my arch?
If you have any other suggestions they will be very gladly received but I think I've exhausted all options. TIA

flybynight Thu 01-Sep-11 21:29:08

David Austin has some thornless climbers here Not really true reds, but Amadis and Bleu Magenta look lovely. Zepherine Drouhin is definitely a pink but the fragrance is out of this world.

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