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light weight plant pots

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mckenzie Thu 11-Aug-11 14:19:33

I've seen today some Cadix GrandeLight pots at the local garden centre but in the size I need (40x40x40) they are £60. They are pretty much perfect for what i would like though. Is there anything that I might need to consider first before shelling out £120 (I need 2 of course!!)


mrsbrooks Fri 12-Aug-11 19:55:54

Are they frost resistant ? Will the plants u are putting in them need repotting in a year or two? Do they have drainage? X

mckenzie Fri 12-Aug-11 21:02:47

I ant find that information on the webiste MrsB which is trance huh? I'll go back tot he garden centre tomorrow and look/ask. They definitely had drainage though. The plants are just pyramid shaved box plants - will they need replanting do you know? I'm the least green fingered person I know I'm afraid so it's no good asking me smile

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