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What veg can I plant at this time of year?

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EauRouge Sun 31-Jul-11 18:57:04

DH has just built me a veg trough, it's quite deep and wide so I could fit quite a bit in. What can I plant at this time of year? I was thinking of some salad leaves maybe. TIA smile

GnomeDePlume Sun 31-Jul-11 20:30:41

Salad leaves would certainly be a good choice. Dont plant up the whole trough all at once unless you want to eat nothing but salad for a wekk then nothing at all after! Instead, plant a few seeds every few days, that way you will get salad leaves fresh as you need them.

EauRouge Sun 31-Jul-11 20:31:56

Ooh, good point, thanks grin. Does that copper tape really work for keeping slugs off? I don't want to use slug pellets.

doozle Sun 31-Jul-11 22:51:54

Perpetual spinach is a good choice and will keep supplying you with leaves throughout the winter until it bolts next spring.

EauRouge Mon 01-Aug-11 10:55:44

Thanks, I'll have a look for it. smile

celeriac Sat 06-Aug-11 22:28:26

Swiss chard will also keep going through the winter. You could also plant some carrots - a variety such as Autumn king.

beanandspud Sat 06-Aug-11 22:44:16

You might just still get some kale/broccoli/cabbage plants to go in now?

inmysparetime Sun 07-Aug-11 17:16:56

Peas (get early varieties as they mature faster)
Parsley, basil etc.
Spring onions
You can probably buy small plants in garden centres still e.g. Tomato, chillies, peppers.
Salad crops
Mustard for cress
That should keep you occupied.

EauRouge Sun 07-Aug-11 19:18:33

I might have to get DH to build a few more veg boxes grin Thanks everyone!

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