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Lavender plant - help!

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InMyPrime Tue 26-Jul-11 17:31:47

I'm a relatively novice gardener and have been experimenting with some new plants recently to liven up the garden and add some colour. I bought a lavender plant and transplanted it to a large ceramic pot, which I have sat outside in the sunniest part of my garden, since lavender is supposed to need a lot of sunshine. The guidance I got on lavender says that the worst thing it can have is wet roots or any damp at all so when transplanting it I put some gravel in the bottom of the pot to help drainage and tried not to overwater it. Luckily we've had lots of sunny, dry weather recently but with some heavy rain showers in between.

Unfortunately my lavender plant doesn't seem to be thriving! The lavender flowers that were on it when I bought it (a month ago) are turning brown and it seems to be withering. Am I not watering it enough? Is the climate where we are (East Central Scotland) just not warm enough and too wet? Help! I really love lavender and really want the plant to grow but think I'm doing something wrong...confused

jalopy Tue 26-Jul-11 17:54:39

I'm guessing that it has reached the end of flowering.

shoots Tue 26-Jul-11 20:16:00

I love it too and luckily my lavenders are flowering like mad at the moment but wonder if it could be the type of lavender? I've found some harder to grow than others - never had any luck with stoechas but english lavender does brilliantly in my garden. Might just be trial and error!

BettySpaghettiOnAJetty Tue 26-Jul-11 20:27:18

I had some of that French lavender in my front garden, that flowered weeks ago and is now finished, but the 'ordinary' lavender I've got in the back is in full flower at the moment.

InMyPrime Tue 26-Jul-11 22:59:13

Thanks, everyone - the type of lavender I have is this one:

It might make sense that it's just stopped flowering as I think its main flowering period is June / July and since I've only just planted it, it would make sense that it might not have settled in well enough yet to have any new flowers. It looks a bit brown and wilted as well though so maybe I'm not watering it enough?

Do you find you need to water your lavender plants to stop them wilting or do you err more on the side of leaving them dry to avoid damp roots? Mine is in a pot so I'm thinking maybe it just needs more watering than planted out lavender.

bosch Tue 26-Jul-11 23:03:23

Last year I put a small oregano plant in the same pot as my lavender last year. The oregano would start to wilt when pot drying out, so I knew when to water, and the lavender thrived.

Unfortunately it froze in the winter and I've had to buy a new one!

VirgoGrr Wed 27-Jul-11 20:54:06

Use the state of the leaves as an indicator of health, not the flowers. Depending on the variety, it could have reached the end of its flowering season. Snip off dead flowers and the ends of the stems to keep its shape and you should get a lovely flush of flowers next year.

They definitely dont need a lot of water - I have a large 'Hidcote' in a trough which hasnt had any supplementary watering at all this year and flowering like the clappers. However, feel the compost - if its in a really sunny spot and its dried out - water it. grin

MissFoodie Thu 28-Jul-11 10:12:37

what are the names of the english lavenders then? am interested in planting some too, but always struggled, assume it's because they were not british varieties?
also, any specific types of rosemary? mine always dies!!!!!!!!!!

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