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Is anyone else involved in their local Abundance project? Maybe as part of a Transition Town push?

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Wombley Mon 25-Jul-11 23:11:26

Just wondering...I'm involved in the Abundance Wimbledon project, and when I was putting a flyer about it up in Morrisons, a woman approached me and said she had been involved in Abundance Sheffield. [Maybe she's an MNer!]

This is the first year of ours, and we're doing a lot of fruit picking, then making jams and pies etc with the result. The idea is to stop fruit going to waste - to pick it, use it, and give lots of it away to people who need it.

I know there's lots of allomenteers on here, so maybe some other people are doing similar in other parts of the country. If so, what kind of things are you up to?

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