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so what are fellow allotmenters doing on the plot this fine weekend ? X

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mooshy1970 Sun 10-Jul-11 01:13:05

I,ll have about 20 mins if I,m lucky! But I LOVE my allotment.
hoping it's not too late for some peas.
otherwise it's hoeing and pottering tomorrow.
what everyone planting / seeding now ?

HarrietJones Sun 10-Jul-11 08:34:28

Not an allotment but the veg patch in the garden. Dh is building a strawberry wall. We picked peas & fruit yesterday. We need to weed & tidy today too!

LaurieFairyCake Sun 10-Jul-11 08:39:39

I picked my fourth pot of raspberries yesterday and I weeded in the rain for 2 hours.

Then I strimmed in the rain and watched the mad Chinese man (there's always one - looks as if he might be a philosopher grin) water his plot in the heaviest rain storm.

GnomeDePlume Sun 10-Jul-11 21:25:51

Weeding today plus picking broad beans, digging potatoes (Juliettes). I also picked some french beans. They were leathery which was disappointing.

The plum tree is laden. A couple of fruit have ripened, they are delicious.

This week I will be getting a big bed ready for second crop potatoes. The supplier was doing a BOGOF so I have over 100 seed potatoes to plant ASAP.

I love my allotment!

Harriet what is a strawberry wall please?

Laurie - there are certainly some interesting characters on my field. I have been told before now that the rain was 'drying'.

HarrietJones Sun 10-Jul-11 21:28:26

It's something we've made up, it's the best way to describe it!
Rows of boxes on a frame (ours is 1m wide & 2m tall). To save on floor space & keep them clean (hopefully!)

pourmeanotherglass Sun 10-Jul-11 23:10:46

I'd love to see a photo of your strawberry wall, sound like a great idea (its not possible to grow too many strawberries for my 2 girls)

I done nothing on the allotment this weekend (weekend away surfing in Cornwall instead) but mostly at the moment when I go down it is to try and stay on top of the weeding, or to pick the broad beans and the lettuce and rocket. We have got some late strawberries flowering, so I'll need to net those next week. Also, the lady 3 allotments down gave me some spare brussels sprouts plants last week, so I put them in and put some little temporary nets over them, but I'll need to put a taller one over them soon.

Has anyone tried using those build-a-ball things for net frames? I'm thinking of ordering some.

HarrietJones Mon 11-Jul-11 07:10:02

Yes we need a LOT of strawberries to feed 5 of us. I'll try & put a pic on when it's finished but we are waiting on the new plantsso might be a bit yet

GnomeDePlume Mon 11-Jul-11 08:28:20

pourme - I have used the flexiball type thing. They are okay. For the poles I went direct to an aluminium supplier rather than buying them through someone like Harrod. A lot cheaper. Let me know if you are interested and I will look up where I got my poles from.

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