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Antisocial youths behaviour outside

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cambridgeferret Fri 01-Jul-11 17:23:30

Hi, I need advice about some antisocial behaviour on my bird table.

I've been putting out the coconut shells that contain fat, seeds etc, and was surprised when I came home from work and they'd gone (our garden is enclosed!)

Anyway, did the same at 11 this morning, and the culprits are the local starling population. They've almost completely emptied it now, I counted about 20 at once, it seems to be the juveniles fighting, being very noisy and stripping everything in sight.

I know starlings are endangered but I would like to give the other birds a chance.... they won't come near at the moment. Anyone know any good starling proof guards that I can cover the shells with and just leave them the seed? Otherwise I'm going to abandon the shells altogether.

Bird table is standard size about 40 x 40cm and raised up.

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 01-Jul-11 17:53:54

You'll have to make it so that only small birds can access the food. Hang us some of those tube-shaped feeders with perches and little holes where the seed comes out, for example. Starlings are just too big and flappy to fit on the perch and peck the seed. I stopped putting fat balls out completely after I found a fox trying to jump up to eat them. And my mum realised a little too late that the tasty bits of bacon rind she was leaving out on her bird-table had become a rat smorgasbord...

cambridgeferret Fri 01-Jul-11 21:54:56

I've got three of those and the little buggers can't access the nyjer feeder or the seed one, but they can balance on the nut feeder quite well (must have suction cups on their feet).

Dh did hang a duck carcass left over from Sunday lunch from the tree one day for the birds. Kept the cat entertained all afternoon.

Think I'll have to find the water gun and pot shot them from the kitchen window.

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