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potato yield - newbie spud harvester!

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Lexilicious Mon 13-Jun-11 14:26:52

I've just dug up my first two potato plants. Started them very early (Feb) from the last eating potatoes of two supermarket bags - so, not 'proper' seed potatoes. Anyway, they looked very healthy as plants and I've just harvested 12 desiree and 10 white ones (maris piper / king edward, can't remember!). Nice size, some quite big.

Is that about right for yield or should I dig down some more? I found the original potato for both - does anything grow deeper than the 'mother spud'?

Lexilicious Mon 13-Jun-11 22:03:45

er... anyone?

doozle Mon 13-Jun-11 22:06:02

Yes sounds about right to me. Always have another dig though a couple of days later. Not sure if they grow any deeper than the mother spud.

Pkam Mon 13-Jun-11 22:08:48

Hi Lex. My potatoes were hopeless last year so in comparison to me your crop sounds great. So can't help really but didn't want you to be ignored grin

WynkenBlynkenandNod Mon 13-Jun-11 22:33:30

Potatoes are sneaky buggers and no matter how well you think you have dug them you will have missed some and spend the next year removing them from the middle of your parsnip or whatever patch. So I would dig deeper !

Lexilicious Tue 14-Jun-11 10:14:54

well thank you all - I will dig again when I'm back from my holibobs. they 'store' in the ground ok don't they? will they try to send up stems/leaves?

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