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Something eating cabbages, cauliflowers etc.

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ajandjjmum Sat 04-Jun-11 11:24:50

DH has really got into his gardening this year, and has sorted out our long neglected vegetable patch.

His cabbages and cauliflowers are being eaten by something - as yet unseen - which is a bit sad!!

Any ideas on what it might be, and how he might treat it please.

As you can tell, we're complete novices at this! grin

PamSco Sat 04-Jun-11 11:32:44

Are they under nets? Three main common causes are caterpillars, snails/slugs, or pigeons.

I don't have cabbages on the go yet but I put a net over me spuds, carrots, beets and parsnips and the snails get trapped so don't ravage them. We have 2 wood pigeons that snoop about the net keeps them off as well.

I got my net from B&Q and use stones to weigh them at the edge I have put sticks around the veg with small plastic bottles on the top of them. This holds the net higher above the plants.

I'm new to this too smile

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