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Anyone got a pond in an urn?

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erebus Tue 31-May-11 14:32:50

Like you see in trendy magazines? I will try and find a pic.

I am thinking about doing one. I would put a miniature water lily in it, but should it have a little gurgling 'fountain'? 2 goldfish? However, I don't have power to the garden...yet!

Your thoughts!

Like this:

PatientGriselda Wed 01-Jun-11 09:03:46

I have one in a half barrel, if that's any good.

Things to remember - you need a certain volume of water per goldfish (your aquatic shop will tell you); in hot weather you need to top the water up (dumb, I know, but that really surprised me - I suppose in natural ponds the top level of the bank isn't as obvious as the top level of a manmade container); the trailing leads of the power for your fountain can look a bit shit.

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