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Little zip up greenhouse, who is at fault it has ruined?

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chloesmumtoo Wed 25-May-11 13:54:23

Just thought I would ask advice. Bought a lovely one from the garden centre, was not cheap. Neglectfully maybe, I had not put anything in it yet, however we drilled our house wall and fixed it very securely. It came with its own cover and little metal rings to fix to something. We did our bit very securely, but the metal rings supplied with the cover opened up and its been out only about a month. One side released pulling the whole thing sideways and ripped the dam thing open along the side that was still attached. Both ringlets suplied have opened but all our fixings are still firmly in wall. Is it my fault for not waiting it down? Didn't think I needed to with the thick fixings we put in the wall and didnt think of their clips opening like that? Advise me please whether to except it or do we fuss and take it back?

KvetaBarry Fri 27-May-11 13:08:53

take it back! and don't buy any more - I had a couple in the past, and they are a coloccal waste of space and money, a wooden framed one is far far superior, and sturdier!

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