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very costly to level out a garden on a slope?

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vannah Thu 10-Mar-11 22:10:26

We have a large garden - say 80ft long, but its on a slightly steep slope which makes it unsafe and dull for little ones and for us.
Its barely useable as it is.

Any idea what sort of money it would cost to level it out (couldnt do it ourselves)

I will try to describe it as i cant attach a picture. ALong the right hand side of the garden there's a concrete path leading up to a garage at the back of the garden (top of slope). To the left is grass which is mostly hill but then flat a bit then another hill...

any advice? thankyou

Mirage Sat 12-Mar-11 09:43:32

We have the same problem,but have lived with it and the dds use the garden a lot.Can you terrace it? That would be cheaper and give you several flat areas.Ours is about 30ft x 80ft and has two fairly flat terraces,so we can sit outside,put a slide up ect.I had despaired of the steep banks until I worked for a lady who had the same thing and she'd done a fabulous planting plan on hers,which looked amazing.I am going to copy it.

vannah Wed 16-Mar-11 14:15:15

Thanks mirage, not sure about what is meant by you mean just having a few flat areas instead of one big one? If so, yes thats the plan...

springbokdoc Wed 16-Mar-11 18:05:42

Oi are you in my garden?! we looked at something similar got a quote about 18months ago for well over a grand from a builder. The advice I got at the time was to speak to proper landscape gardeners and see what they said.

vannah Wed 16-Mar-11 20:29:20

thanks spring...if it was about 1k we would go for it. But Ive got a feeling its going to be at least 5...

Mirage Fri 18-Mar-11 15:51:44

Yes,that is what we have, flat bits between the slopy bits. I think that £1k is pretty good,tbh.It depends if they have to do it by hand or get a mini digger in I suppose,and whther they need to build retaining walls and incorporate drainage too.

ninah Fri 18-Mar-11 15:57:01

depends on how steep/large but I reckon at least 5k is right

JohnV Thu 21-Apr-16 14:34:27

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