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2 beginners questions please!

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wickedfairy Mon 29-Nov-10 09:55:21

As above really - I don't know anything about gardening!

1) I have lots of fallen leaves on the flowerbeds in my garden. Do I remove them and tidy up or leave them as a layer of insulation for what is underneath? Have removed leaves from the grass area but not sure whether to do the same for the beds.

2) Was in costco yesterday and they had lovely hanging baskets for sale, so I bought a few as the outside of the house was looking a bit dire. Due to the time of year, I am assuming they are winter ones! They have ivy, another evergreen-y looking plant and some flowers (maybe cyclamen or something but I am not sure). Flowers are pink, purple and white.

Have hung them up outside but do you think this cold weather will kill them off? Am in the North West, so it's cold but we have no snow (yet). Should I bring them in and store in the porch or leave them outside?

Thanks in advance for your help smile

AlphaSchmalpha Wed 01-Dec-10 20:26:03

hi there

I would say 1) you don't need to clear the leaves if they are on beds, as you may find that the worms will pull them down (this is according to Alan Titchmarsh anyway). So unless the look is really bothering you, leave them.

2) your winter baskets should be fine. are the flowers quite little plants and delicate looking? many cyclamen are very hardy but other species may not like the frost. if you really love them and it's going to drop below -5C you might want to bring them in but I reckon you'll be ok in the NW.

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