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Too late to plant bulbs now?

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tiokiko Fri 26-Nov-10 12:12:22

Is it too late to plant spring bulbs now? I think the latest I've planted before was the end of October and they were fine (in containers) but maybe I have missed the boat.

I've just found loads of bulbs (crocus, narcissi, tulips etc) which I didn't realise I'd bought but am wondering if I will be wasting my time - any thoughts?

eldritch Fri 26-Nov-10 12:25:01

I will be watching this thread as I have exactly the same problem - my thinking was I will bung them in the ground anyway (although likely to be too frozen at the moment to dig!) and see what happens in the spring smile

malovitt Fri 26-Nov-10 12:29:45

It's not too late, surely?

I usually plant mine around now or early December and they're always fine. My tulips has plant from Oct - Dec on the box.

HoracetheHedgehog Fri 26-Nov-10 13:25:01

I had the same problem too and found lots of crocus, tulip and nascissi (sp?) bulbs, so just planted them on Wednesday in the ground. Some of them already had some little shoots so I don't think they'll do very well but perhaps I'll get a nice surprise in Spring

Butterbur Fri 26-Nov-10 13:28:27

Ifthey're in the ground, even if they don't flower well this spring, they should have recovered by next spring.

My Dad does this every year with cheap bulb clearances from the local garden centre.

tiokiko Fri 26-Nov-10 13:46:51

Thanks for your responses, sounds like it's worth a try then.

They're to go in containers rather than in the ground as they need to make a drab bit of patio look a bit nicer.

We are selling the house at the moment so I've been stringing my geraniums out as long as possible but I reckon the full-on frost this week will have finished them off.

So I need to bite the bullet and plant something now. I think it's too late for cyclamen and other things that people had suggested so maybe I should just go for the bulbs and at least it will look neat even if not very cheery for a while.

neversaydie Fri 26-Nov-10 19:12:01

I have planted them all at Christmas before now. They were a bit late to flower, but otherwise they were fine!

LaVieEnTechnicolor Mon 17-Jan-11 10:32:16

I've spent the last two days planting bulbs that were sprouting in their bags because I couldn't get out in December to plant them then. I've had similar slippage in my planting schedule before and expect they'll be fine - they always seem to catch up.

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