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Veg growers - whats been your best and worst this season?

(23 Posts)
meltedmarsbars Mon 27-Sep-10 12:09:24

My best: sweetcorn or pumpkins

Worst: peas - just never got myself organised.

What were yours?

taffetacat Mon 27-Sep-10 14:39:54

worst: courgettes - planted on a slope that was too free draining, not enough water

best: borlotti and broad beans

highriggs Mon 27-Sep-10 14:57:51

worst: radishes and spinach

best: mange tout and mini cucumbers

WynkenBlynkenandNod Mon 27-Sep-10 17:48:00

Best - rainbow chard, sweetcorn, butternut squash and cucumbers.

worst - peas and pumpkins

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 27-Sep-10 18:06:03

Best - peas and courgettes

Worst cucumbers and pumpkins

sandripples Mon 27-Sep-10 18:23:43

Best - courgettes, French beans and salad leaves

Worst - carrots and beetroot - I planted too close together.

funtimewincies Mon 27-Sep-10 18:46:27

Best - sweetcorn, pumpkins and (so far smile) sprouts.

Worst - potatoes. Low yields, slug and wireworm sad.

MrsThisIsTheCadillacOfNailguns Mon 27-Sep-10 19:40:26

Best-tomatoes,best year ever,chllies,peppers,aubergines,courgettes,cucumbe rs,and physalis.
Worst-pumpkins and melons all rotted,french and runner beans never got going.

stressedHEmum Tue 28-Sep-10 08:46:32

Best - tomatoes (actually got piles of red ones this year and enough green ones to feed the world with green tomato relish grin) and beans.

Worst- courgettes and squash, blasted things got blossom end rot and then powdery mildew sad

Carrots, beets and broccoli did well too, but cabbages are fairly caterpillar eaten.

WillbeanChariot Tue 28-Sep-10 08:54:33

Best- beetroot and spinach. And potatoes, not a bad return on my first attempt.

Worst- chard. Just didn't happen. Also carrots and parsnips, think I have the wrong type of soil.

meltedmarsbars Tue 28-Sep-10 14:41:43

So we didn't all succeed/fail on the same things then!

inthesticks Tue 28-Sep-10 18:09:46

Best - chillis, tomatoes, garlic, onions.
Worst - cucumbers,peppers and runner beans ( though they did perk up later in the season and I have some sown in August that are just coming on).

My courgettes were a failure because I forgot them grin

doozle Sat 09-Oct-10 10:14:38

Best, courgettes - extremely prolific and still going. Also good beets, mangetout, perpetual spinach, potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, lettuce

Worst - squash, sweetcorn, raspberries

meltedmarsbars Sat 09-Oct-10 10:51:37

Doozle - your 3 worst have been fantastic for me! (leicestershire)

doozle Sat 09-Oct-10 11:42:10

Strange, isn't it. Did you have a lot of rain mmb?

Whoamireally Sat 09-Oct-10 14:22:29

Best = courgettes and corn. Worst = my onions and garlic - still do not know what I did wrong.

liath Mon 11-Oct-10 08:28:40

Best - tomatoes (after swearing I'd never grow them ever again they were fantastic this year). French beans and peas were good, courgettes OK, strawberries disapponting but am very chuffed with my new Japanese Wineberry bush - yum. Carrots & coriander bolted. Free salad from the BBC dig-in website was prolific.

frostyfingers Tue 12-Oct-10 15:56:04

Best: peas, courgettes, cucumbers, lettuces, yellow tomatoes & carrots

Medium: french beans, potatoes - ok, just not enough probably due to underwatering at beginning.

Worst: broad beans, red tomatoes

My fingers are crossed for my purple sprouting broccoli which is waging war and just winning against the blardy monster slugs.......

Flowergarden1 Mon 18-Oct-10 13:34:37

Best: broad beans, tomatoes, onions, potatoes

Worst: sweetcorn, peas

UptoapointLordCopper Mon 18-Oct-10 18:01:25

Best: cucumbers. They are still going!

Worst: almost everything else... sad

MumsieNonna Tue 19-Oct-10 16:56:21

Best: Swiss Chard, lambs lettuce and parsnips (magnificent even though I say so myself).
Worst: tomatoes (blight in early September), cucumbers (not enough water), runner beans (too many blardy slugs in early summer).

IWishIWasAFrog Mon 01-Nov-10 15:41:20

Best: tomatoes, planted, 'Ferline', NO disease at all, this has never happened to me before! Sweet, meaty tomatoes. Chilli's grown in tomato growbags, they looked like little christmas trees in August!

Worse: just couldn't win with lettuce, tried a few.

Keziahhopes Mon 08-Nov-10 22:08:08

Best: peas, courgettes, cherry tomatoes in borders, onions, blackcurrants, strawberries

Worst: butternut squash, chillies, cabbage (caterpillars again despite netting!), blueberries

Ok were potatoes, beans, raspberries

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