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Yellow cucumbers?

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blissa Sat 28-Aug-10 11:38:02

Does any one know if it is ok to eat cucumbers that have turned yellow on the plant?

I have somewhat neglected my plants over the past few weeks and have just ventured down the end of the garden to find 2 lovely sized, but yellow, cucumbers. It would be such a shame to waste them, but I don't want to poison anyone!


Takver Sun 29-Aug-10 13:16:26

Yes, absolutely fine to eat - they may taste nasty (either too acid or bitter), in which case of course you won't want to eat them, but they are equally likely to taste ok.

You will probably need to peel them as the skin will be thicker & also take the seeds out the middle.

blissa Mon 30-Aug-10 09:29:14

Thanks Takver, will give them a try later.

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