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Panicing and over relaxing in exams

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likelyLilac Sat 19-May-18 12:47:09

DD is sitting her A2 exams and is doing well in past papers and getting good revision done, the thing shes still really struggling with is that in exams she has a tendency to over relax or panic.
In exams she either calms down so much that she looses track of time or she panics and can't think of what she needs to do.
Does anyone have any advice for how to avoid this problem?

chocolateworshipper Sun 20-May-18 22:37:04

For panic - mindfulness exercises could help. For over-relaxing, maybe it would help if she breaks down the total time into chunks - e.g.she needs to do questions worth X number of marks in 15 minute chunks. There is a thread within FE called Year 13 Summer Term with lots of very helpful and friendly posters whose DCs are doing A levels at the moment. I'm sure they would give you some other ideas.

lljkk Wed 23-May-18 20:10:17

scheduling? Divide up the exam time by the number of marks on the exam and keep to the timetable (allow for 10 minutes of checking, too). This is a habit that one can form during exam so it becomes 2nd nature. Has she not been taught this before? I've heard it taught to my kids quite a lot.

likelyLilac Sat 26-May-18 23:26:06

chocolateworshipper thank you, I will post in that forum, I've heard of mindfulness, I will look it up more smile
lljkk thank you, I don't know if shes ever been taught this (many of her teachers seem to think of exam technique as a dirty word), and even if she had sheis a feircely independant learner and often finds it difficult to listen to advice when she hasn't asked for it. Though she seems to have been working on that recently, either that or shes gotten better at hiding her bored face while I go on about advice for living on your own grin

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