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Can anyone advise on 6th form appeal? Its a bit of an odd one!

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itswineoclock Thu 10-May-18 18:05:15

Hello! Please be gentle with me, its my first time posting on here, Im hoping one (Or lots!) of you guys can offer any advice... My daughters first choice of 6th form (Academy Senior School with 6th Form, not her current School) have so far, not offered her a place, despite her grades being good enough, they have said that her attendance isn't what they want, they require 97%, she has in total missed 6 days of school, 2 and a half being snowed in! Her friends that live further afield with lower grades have offers despite some having lesser attendance! I have spoken to the 6th form co ordinator, who has asked for evidence of yr 10 attendance and the matter has gone to the head for consideration, I have called weekly to see if there is any news, so far not, but with my daughter starting her GCSE's this week, it is becoming very stressful for her. I just don't know what to do next, any advice would be so appreciated. I know the deadline to send out offers was in March or April, but is there any requirement after that? Ive read and re read The admissions Code and as far as I can tell, a school (including Academies with 6th form) have to comply with the admissions code, which states that attendance can't be taken in to consideration in an application, Is this a decent grounds for appeal should we get a no when they finally decide to tell us? Its all so frustrating!!

superram Thu 10-May-18 18:15:15

Sixth forms can choose who they like but I’m amazed, we need bums on seats for funding!

catslife Fri 11-May-18 11:01:02

I think sixth form admissions do fall outside the main admissions code though - for example they can select according to GCSE grade whereas academic selection is not permitted for academy schools.
Could it perhaps be that the the A level subjects that your dd would like to take are oversubscribed whereas this doesn't apply to her friends as they have chosen less popular subjects?
What are the admissions criteria for this sixth form:
For my dds sixth form the criteria (as well as grades which were different for different subjects) went something like this for most pupils:
pupils who had attended the secondary school attached to the sixth form
pupils who had siblings who attended the sixth form in the past 5 years
and then finally distance from school.
As pupils can hold several sixth form offers it's usual for there to be changes on results day so try not to panic.

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