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Help- how will my DD find work as a Student Nurse?

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speakout Tue 08-May-18 06:19:30

It's going to be complicated. 50% of the course is placement- including evenings and weekends. Working part time during her course would help a great deal financially - but how is it possible to hold down work too- given the nature of the course. Plus only 3 weeks summer holidays- so not long enough for a summer job.
Any ideas?

AjasLipstick Tue 08-May-18 06:25:57

I would consider helping her to advertise as a babysitter. A student nurse is an attractive option for parents....she could get a police check first and list that along with some references.

Then advertise on facebook and local selling pages in Facebook.

Tell as many people as you know...or rather ASK them, to share her post.

She will need to be clear about availability and charges. I would also advise her to ask that half of the payment is made in advance via Paypal and the other half is due once she or paypal.

Madratlady Tue 08-May-18 06:26:44

Agency work as a HCA. I used to fit a night shift per week around uni or placement because they pay better than days.

speakout Tue 08-May-18 06:31:43

AjasLipstick thanks- yes a great idea. It's a child nursing degree- and all checks are done as part of the course, so I am guessing that would be an attractive option to parents needing babysitters. ( What is the going rate for babysitting?)

And Madratlady yes, I guess there will be agencies to help.
No doubt she will get lots of info about work when she starts Uni. Others will be in the same boat.

lexiewrites Tue 08-May-18 06:37:10

When I was a student nurse I worked as a HCA on the bank at a hospital. If she's not got any experience yet I wouldn't recommend agency. I'd recommend a nursing home to start with and once she has a bit of experience ( her first placements will prepare her too) under her belt apply to her local hospitals bank.

ItMustBeBedtimeSurely Tue 08-May-18 06:48:24

I do bank at the hospital, although you can't do this until you've done a placement. I do hardly any shifts though because I'm already very busy! But I guess she doesn't have children, which will help.

speakout Tue 08-May-18 06:49:10

No- no kids of her own- she is 18.

Upsydasiy Tue 08-May-18 06:53:41

Agency work. NHS professionals lets you pick up shifts that fit around uni and placement 😊 but will need some experience first. Good source of income in second/third year though.

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