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Starting New A level alongside 2nd year subjects?

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Jungfraujoch Sun 29-Apr-18 15:31:56

DS1 is in his first year of 6th form studying 3 A levels. There is a possibility that he may not be able to continue with one of them due to poor results plus not really enjoying it as much as he thought.

Even if he can carry on to the 2nd year he’s thinking of starting another A level alongside the existing 2. He’s having a chat with someone at college next week but I just wondered if anyone has experience of this and if it’s even possible? Thanks.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 29-Apr-18 18:15:49

Friend's son did RS A level in one year but required a lot of self study and commitment to do it alongside other studies

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 29-Apr-18 18:25:55

If he does drop the third subject, he should try to start something else; I'm not sure two A-levels is enough lessons to count as full-time education.

If he does do a third A-level course in a year, how would this be timetabled? Would he be joining some Y12s who are also doing the course in a year? If he's the only one, would they be running lessons just for him?

Jungfraujoch Sun 29-Apr-18 18:37:19

Thanks for your replies. Doing a 2 year Level in one year is my concern, given his current attitude, although it would be a subject he’s really interested in so he might do ok!

I’ll see what college says to him and follow it up myself.

Hollybollybingbong Sun 29-Apr-18 19:47:23

Dd did A level Computer science in a year when she was in Year 12 (subject was being dropped as an A level). She self studied the first year during the summer holidays and then joined the Year 13 class for the second. She found it difficult to complete the Computer Science project work alongside the coursework and revision for her 3 AS levels but she did manage. In the end she got a C and whilst I think that's amazing she does wonder whether it was worth it.
So things to consider, will a project be required, these can be very time consuming and does DS have the self discipline too do ask the extra work required?
Good luck to DS whatever he chooses.

chocolateworshipper Mon 30-Apr-18 14:34:05

DD wanted to give up a subject at the end of year 12, and was told she absolutely had to pick up a new subject because otherwise they wouldn't get funding. She did a one year BTEC course, which gives her extra UCAS points.

spababe Thu 24-May-18 20:52:48

My DS failed an AS so had to pick up a new A level in year 13 to make it a full time course at college. They suggested he did a BTEC alongside the new A level in the 3rd year as they needed him full time for funding.

We found a local crammer that did A levels in 1 year so he's coasting the 3 A level at college whilst hammering it in one year at the crammer (same subject) He didn't want to take a 3rd year over A levels. The crammer were brilliant and fitted in the lessons into his college timetable.

It's been very hard work but we are nearly at the exam now and it was costly as we have had to pay the crammer but I think it should all work out and for his self-esteem/confidence it was the right decision.

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