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Dealing with stress

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MaitlandGirl Thu 12-Oct-17 09:55:27

DD2 has just started her final year in school and will be sitting her HSC (A'level equivalents) this time next year (we're in Australia so the dates aren't the same as the UK).

BACKSTORY: She gets stress related migraines (that she takes prophylactic medication for, but still gets breakthrough migraines) and develops a bad stutter when things are really hard.

There's a lot of low level bullying from ex friends going on as well, which sets off the migraines. Including the 4 weeks she had off with flu she's had over 7 weeks off school since the end of January.

We've tried to get the bullying stopped but it's all the stupid looking at her, then sniggering type of stuff so there's nothing the school can do.

So, she's asked me to post on here to see if anyone has any ideas for ways she can reduce her general stress levels. She has knee problems so can't really exercise much but we do have a treadmill she can use.

Thanks in advance smile

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